The minerals in the salt mixture are essential for our health. Minerals like magnesium and potassium found in Epsom salts and sea salts and Himalayan salts can be absorbed into the bloodstream during a warm bath to remove toxins and balance the whole body.

1. Build immunity: By enjoying a dip in a sea salt bath, we come into contact with highly absorbable minerals that increase our ability to fight germs. Similar to the effects of exercise, warm showers have also been found to trigger a crucial anti-inflammatory response to increase the body's resistance to disease to prevent and fight disease.

2. Alkalinity balance: Excess acidity in the body from an inappropriate diet can lead to the functioning of our vital organs, which must then take minerals from their bones and tissues. ta. The baking soda in our brine is a natural alkaline known to effectively eliminate toxins. Introducing pickled salt into your life is a great way to remove excess acid from cells and reintroduce trace minerals back into your body.

3. Soothe muscle pains: Staying in a warm bath can relieve pain by reducing the force on joints and muscles. It can also help your body heal faster after an injury or surgery. When used with warm water, a magnesium-rich salt helps reduce muscle spasms and cramps.

4. Promote good sleep: A warm salt bath is the perfect way to help us relax when we are nervous or stressed. Changing the body temperature you experience when switching from warm baths to cool air can actually help improve sleep. In addition, proper exposure to water and the ratio of salt can help prevent the need to urinate during the night, resulting in less interrupted sleep.

5. Improve skin health: The minerals inside a high quality salt enhance skin healthier and more youthful. The salt bath also helps to remove impurities from the skin and balances the skin's moisture. Using sea salt has also been made to treat psoriasis. Not only is salt good for dry, itchy and acne-prone skin, but studies also show that baking soda in salt pickling can be useful as an antifungal agent for skin and nails.

6. Reduce discomfort during respiratory infections: Allergies and infections can lead to an accumulation of mucus in the nose and throat that people have to deal with at one time or another. Not only does a salt bath help reduce the accumulation of existing mucus, but it can also help prevent it, strengthen the healthy respiratory system.

7. Support for chronic pain relief: Although we cannot rid ourselves of chronic pain, we can soothe the body in a nutritious salt bath. A warm bath is highly effective in treating lower back pain and for treating rheumatoid arthritis.

8. Enhance overall health: Studies show that using a soak in a salt bath can improve our overall health. Benefits include regulating blood sugar and improving heart health, circulatory and neurological function, and fighting against free radicals.

9. Increase energy - When our bodies do not receive the necessary minerals, fatigue begins to appear. Magnesium is especially important for managing our stress response, but unfortunately, 57% of adults do not meet the recommended magnesium intake. This deficiency can lead to interrupted sleep and muscle fatigue. By enjoying Brine, you can restore the energy in your cells and find your way to yourself to be revived.

10. Because you feel good! - Not only are salt baths healing effects for the body, they are very beneficial to our spirit. Just shower because you need, bath because you want. A melodious piece of music, a gentle candlelight, gently relaxing in the bath, enjoying the scent of soothing essential oils, enjoying a warm cup of tea next to you! Feeling great